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Carrie Ekins- Lead Therapist 'The Structural One'
Specialism in reading your body's hidden messages and glitches
Myofascial Release and Muscle Activation

As a confessed fascia geek, I've always been fascinated by the glitches - the things that go wrong and snag in the body, and why they are happening.
In treatment with me you can almost hear the cogs whirring and smell the cognitive rubber burning as I put the 'evidence' together in my brain and inevitably come out with one more question (Like a slightly hackneyed detective from a 1970's American cop show).

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Georgina Ramos 'The Movement One'
Specialism in getting your body back to moving more naturally and smoothly
Muscle Activation and Natural movement

I am on a mission to help you Move Free. Working with me will empower you to think about movement in a better way and break those habits that make your grumpy bits grumpier. This is accessible, easy to digest, contagiously interesting stuff that will enrich your life.
In a nut shell, I have studied, questioned and delved deep into the anatomy and physiology of the human body, all so you don't have to read text books and can get back to better well-being and smoother movement.

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