Treatments with Carrie

Thrive is open Tuesday and Friday, our earliest appointment time is 9:30am and our latest appointment is 3:30. We offer packages of treatments from our one week or two week Intensive, the 12 session 'Optimise It' option, the 6 session 'Let's do this' option, and our 3 session 'Maintenance' option.

Your time with Thrive

During your first session there is an initial consultation. We talk about your injury and medical history, current medication, relevant background to the presenting symptoms and try to gain some insight into your lifestyle, stress levels and emotional state. If you have a long medical history or take a fair amount of medication, please feel free to email us this information prior to your first session.

Every treatment is different and tailored to your needs at that moment in time.

Myofascial Release works best when contact with the skin is made - fascia is thixotropic, that means it becomes more fluid in responsive to heat and pressure. The John F Barnes approach to Myofascial Release that we use here at Thrive is all about low pressure, sustained for a long period of time, that means light touch from the therapists hands which is held for at least 5 minutes so your brain becomes engaged in a healing response. Generally you will be asked to undress down to underwear, but if you feel more comfortable please bring shorts. The treatment rooms are always well heated and towels or blankets are available to keep you cosy. Your comfort is fundamental to your enjoyment of the treatment, so as we move through the session cushions and pads will be used to keep you comfortable and supported. As well as Myofascial Release, we combine our own individual styles of treatment, you can find out more about our individual expertise on our profiles.

A session with us here at Thrive is the perfect way to give your mind and body room to breathe and relax. You may find that as your tensions are released you experience greater clarity of thought, better sleep and an increased sense of well being. Often our clients report that stressful situations are much easier to deal with.

As Carrie's Mentor, John F Barnes often says "Healing is a process, not an event". It's never easy to say exactly how many treatments you will need to achieve the level of wellbeing you are working for. We can give you guidance, but the road to health can sometimes be a twisty turny windy journey. As a rule of thumb, the longer you have had a range of symptoms or a condition the longer it takes to work through it - however for all human creatures our mindset, positivity and our faith and belief in our ability to heal will create transformative change, at times more quickly and easily than we ever imagined.

If you have never had a massage or myofascial release before and feel that it's something you'd like to try but unsure of what your needs are, please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements. There is a link below to send an email, but in honesty, Carrie is more akin to Pavlov's Dog and responds quickest to text message - from there we can set up a time to talk. Thanks!

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