Hi, it's Carrie here.
Over the years, my stance on home work has changed. I used to feel quite guilty about giving it out, and then did my clients the disservice of thinking that they probably wouldn't do it. But I was wrong; you’re way smarter than that. In fact given the opportunity to seize on to really simple ways of making your body feel better, making movement feel more slick and giving you better efficiency and drive, you’d jump at that. Am I right? Good - let's get started!

and we're all working towards becoming 'feel it' people

Here you are going to find the tools needed to work on particular muscles in isolation (not complete isolation- every muscle in the body relies on a background crew of mates). But consider these, if you will, as building blocks. One by one they’re very useful, but put them together and you’re building something solid.

Each exercise is accompanied by a video, and a pdf (well, it will eventually!)– so whether you’re a ‘watch it’ person or a ‘read it’ person you’ve got something to work from. If you’re a ‘feel it’ person - and we’re all working towards becoming ‘feel it’ people’ - so that means EVERYONE, I whole heartedly recommend you book in for a Self Treatment session- even better you bring a friend along with you (everyone needs spotters and cheerleaders in this life) and learn to do it together.

Everything you need to make self treatment a doddle at home is available too.

Okay - on to the work!


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