Maintain It

3 session package designed for use once you've been through either Optimise It or Let's Do It.
Again these can be used over a 12 month period. In honesty, you may wish to consider once a month as a reasonable time scale, although if you're feeling awesome and want to put a little longer between sessions that's totally cool by us.

As you'll have already experienced, each session is 75 minutes of Myofascial Release (blended with our other techniques as appropriate), honed to meet your body's requirement at that time. Taking in current life events, stress levels and using our usual Woo Woo ninja type skills, together we'll determine exactly what your treatment needs are.
Self treatment can be recapped or altered to suit. The clinic stocks a range of self treatment equipment to buy:
everything you need from

  • therapy balls
  • foam rollers
  • spiky balls
  • and resistance bands.

Positivity and life cheerleading is given lovingly and free of charge.

Please check out the T's & C's below.
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Terms & Conditions

Payment may be made by cash, card or cheque.

As it goes in life, sometimes appointments need to be moved, and thats perfectly fine if 24 hours notice or more is given. Appointments cancelled less than 24 hours in advance may not be rebooked.
Appointments that you do not attend are also forfeited. Alas, no refunds are possible.

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