'Let's do it'

6 sessions of Myofascial Release technique that, as with all our packages can be used over 12 months.
However, we truly want you to succeed on your healing journey, so here's our suggestion - the best use of 6 treatments is over 1-3 months. Building on each proceeding treatment before you fall back into old patterns and behaviours is amazingly empowering - if you leave too long between each session, not only do you lose momentum but you also fail to see how far you've come.

We're in this to lay the foundations to better wellbeing - so let's do it!

What you get:

  • 1 session comprising 90-180 minutes of comprehensive assessment and myofascial treatment.
  • 5 further 75 minute sessions of myofascial release - where beneficial, we'll blend in further techniques and therapies from our individual tool belts.

We are also here to cheer you on with self treatment care and support.
To get you started we will gift you a therapy ball and plenty of ideas for other tools you can use. Then we'll show you heaps of great ways to connect you into how your body is feeling and where it's tightness lies. We'll show you step by step how to work into restrictions safely, easily and in very little time.
After your 6 sessions we'll review your progress and make a plan for your next steps.

Please check out T's & C's below.
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Terms & Conditions

Payment may be made by cash, card or cheque.

As it goes in life, sometimes appointments need to be moved, and thats perfectly fine if 24 hours notice or more is given. Appointments cancelled less than 24 hours in advance may not be rebooked.
Appointments that you do not attend are also forfeited. Alas, no refunds are possible.

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