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I do not work on a session by session basis as I feel that to get the results you need and are looking for, a minimum of three treatments is required.

Why a minimum of three? Well, in many cases we are looking to soften and release restrictions and tensions that have built up over many years. Just trust, that even if something suddenly went snap, or pop and left you in acute pain or discomfort, it took a long time for things to have become so tight and bent out of shape that the event took place.

I tend to combine Myofascial Release with muscle activation techniques, sometimes there is some oil massage too - all of this is decided as we go along, your sessions are creative in their design and have your best interests at heart. At no point could I say "It'll be 50% Myofascial work and 50% activation" because in truth the way in which every client responds is unique.

Whilst a frequently asked question is "How many treatments will it take" - I have honestly no answer for that, it depends on so many criteria: your mindset and belief that your body will get better is certainly a factor; but also how interconnected the pain is to other previous injuries you've experienced (things rarely occur in isolation); how stressful your life is; how tight your body is. We work together, it's important to keep communication open, and you can have faith in the fact that I will absolutely do my best to help you.


Your session

Our first treatment together is an extended one, usually lasting between 90 minutes and two hours. During this time, I take a detailed history of previous injuries and ailments, we look at your posture, and we work out a plan together with regards to what you want to achieve. Then we get to work.

Every treatment after this lasts between 60 minutes and 75 minutes, there is reassessment, I will ask you how your body has been feeling, and post treatment we will talk through self treatment exercises that you can work on until your next treatment.


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Terms & Conditions

Payment may be made by cash, card or cheque.

As it goes in life, sometimes appointments need to be moved, and that's perfectly fine if 24 hours notice or more is given. Appointments cancelled less than 24 hours in advance may not be rebooked.
Appointments that you do not attend are also forfeited. Alas, no refunds are possible.

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