Myofascial Release


Maybe you've experienced the sensation before, that although you are stretching on a regular basis and trying really hard it's almost as though you are being held in a straight jacket. that there is short term gain from stretching and stretching, but it never seems to stick?

What a drag...literally...


Would you be surprised to hear that there is a system in your body that is even better at contracting than your muscular system? Then it's time to learn to love your fascial system. the fascia, or connective tissue as we more commonly know it, is the web that literally connects your entire being.

Imagine if you will an elephant in heels, standing firmly on one leg (I know that's kind of silly, but work with me here).

That elephant would be producing a loading of approximately 2000 psi - the same as a restriction in your fascia can cause.

That seems ludicrous huh? That something within you, that you've hardly given a second thought could be exerting so much force upon you. Now, mixing our metaphors, consider this connective tissue to be like a sweater, a sweater with a pull.

You snuck under the tree, next to the bushes, and SNAG! Your favourite jumper got caught on a spiky bit. But instead of noticing it and unhooking it, you carried on through (If you're anything like me searching for the errant child's toy that has gone woefully astray).
Anyway, you realise that you are snagged and look down at your jumper, only to notice with a mutter of "Drat" that your perfect pullover is now puckered.
And that my friends is the least technical way I have of describing what's going on under your skin as we go through life.


More technically, the fascia is a three dimensional web through the body, it creates planes of tissue that pick up restrictions through over use and injury or trauma. These restrictions have knock-on ramifications throughout the body, that we compensate for and cleverly disguise.

However, there is only so much unnatural loading that the body can take and eventually stuff starts to hurt.

As a Myofascial Release therapist, I help you to solve the pain patterns by starting with the symptoms and looking elsewhere for the cause. We unravel the problem like a puzzle or a treasure hunt, using your own unique experience as tools. That wasn't particularly technical... Physical and emotional events create changes as a cellular level, causing restrictions and adhesions. These areas experience a hardening of the fascia that in turn pulls structures out of alignment.

How we use Myofascial Release

Gentle but firm pressure is applied to the body, after consideration and assessment. the pressure is low in force but held for a sustained period of time. This creates a biofeedback loop and the brain initiates release at a somatic level, this 'allows' the fascia to return to its natural resting length and helps bring physical structures back into alignment.

Our aim is to reduce the drag experienced through the body three dimensionally, bringing effective and efficient movement back. Myofascial Release facilitates the body to restore and heal itself - I would suggest that this is the body's natural state, one of self healing.

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