Muscle Activation

Do you sometimes feel as though your body is exhausted from putting it's everything into every little movement?

Maybe, no matter how hard you train, it's as though you're not getting the results you'd like to see?

Perhaps you've come across the feeling that your body isn't working as effectively as it should be?

Would you like to try something a little different?

Something a little playful?

Something that's going to trip your curiosity?

Something that is going to strengthen your relationship between your brain and your body, and make you feel like your reflexes are a bit sharper?


Then Muscle Activation is for you!

To be honest, Muscle Activation is for everybody. Everybody who would like to feel a bit sharper, bouncier and pingier that is. If , on the other hand, you're happy feeling like a sleepy caterpillar, curled up in a cosy nest, eating cake, then kudos to that too...just shout me when you're ready for your metamorphosis.

Here's how it works when we follow the 'Be Activated' system of Muscle Activation.

First we focus on your breath. By adopting deep diaphragm breathing, your brain has to switch away from firing you up with adrenaline. Then we start to work with the ideal muscle sequencing pattern. All of your forward movement and thrust in the world should come from a combination of Psoas and Glutes firing before the rest of your muscles. You don't want to be leading with your quads, or your calves, and you certainly don't want to be pushing up any hills whilst leading with your neck muscles.

Now seriously, ask yourself, when you're exercising or exerting yourself, how often do you feel yourself gritting your teeth and gripping with your neck? If the answer is Sometimes, or All the Time, that's not good my friend!

Muscle Activation

Once we get the 3 Zones firing in the correct order movement becomes a whole different thing.

Most of my clients immediately experience a greater range of movement, more stability (and Yes I do test this by trying to push you over!) and movement feels effortless and easy.

Are you ready to start? Pick a package and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.

Here is a great article written by Sustainable Athletics about it - Be activated
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