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About Georgina

Muscle Activation - an overview of how we get your muscles working properly for you


After leaving school I had always worked in offices, and suffered from anxiety and chronic non-specific lower back pain. Upon researching back pain I came across Pilates as a method to improve posture and core strength and therefore alleviate/prevent back pain and I was immediately hooked.

we need to be educated on how best to move

I initially trained with Modern Pilates and obtained my formal qualification as a level 3 instructor in June 2013 - although this was after several years of self practice and apprenticing. Since then my learning and training had been continuous, not just though meeting all the wonderful and varied clients I have come across but also by undertaking as many courses as possible.

Then I trained in a method called Be Activated Muscle Activation, which involves the stimulation of certain trigger points on the body in order to ensure that muscles are firing in the correct order. At the same time I undertook a Classical Pilates training qualification, including both matwork and equipment, in particular the Reformer.

As a curious student I had many questions to fill the gaps in my knowledge of how we best function as human beings, and was finding more and more in my own body that emotions and environment had a huge part to play in overall well-being. I began to read about the science of how our emotions affect how we feel through our hormones, and how we are able to manage them rather than being at their mercy. I also started to read about biomechanics and natural movement, which seemed to make absolute sense in terms of bringing the mind and body together (they are one, we just don't realise it) and experiencing our feeling and movement in a safe environment in order to build strength with kindness and patience. To this end, I am currently taking a course with the Academy of Applied Movement Neurology, which is adding a whole new level of understanding of neurology, the nervous system and will eventually incorporate more understanding of the endocrine and immune systems.

my intention is to empower you

I feel that my training and personal experience through self practice in various Pilates methods, yoga and the AMN training have all enriched my teaching, and even my many years in a stressful office job were a necessary part of my life to bring me to where I am today, something for which I give thanks every day.

In my work, across the board what I see is that our bodies are crying out for a different way, that we need to be educated on how best to move, breathe and allow ourselves to feel and pay attention all the time, not just for an hour a week.

My classes might involve a lot of talking for some people. This is because it matters to me that people understand why they do what they're doing, as my intention is to empower you to change lifetime habits that might be detrimental to your movement and over time exacerbating whatever condition you may have.


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