Intensives package

Take a moment and imagine how it would feel for your symptoms to change in a week of treatment. 

An Intensive is a one or two week programme designed to give you space and time to focus on your needs without being drawn back into the hustle of everyday life.

This is for you to consider if:
  • You are looking for a breakthrough from pain that may be chronic or acute.
  • You live too far from Sheffield to have regular treatments. By booking an intensive you give yourself rest and recovery time, without arduous travel time, yet with the benefit of having the beautiful, Peak District close to hand so you can absorb some nature.
  • You respond well to focused attention, appreciate consistent cheerleading to make those breakthroughs really count and hanker for support when you are feeling vulnerable.
  • You are ready to make a devoted effort to how your body is feeling, and know that a clear week of focus to allow release to happen and settle is the best option for you.
There are amazing benefits to having daily treatments, such as:
  • Healing momentum is built up so you should make quicker progress
  • Postural habits and movement patterns can be recognised, processed and moved on through
  • Being in a postive, nurturing environment can help you experience shift in how you think about your body and your relationship to the things causing you discomfort
  • This is You time, with only Your desires to put your attention on
What you receive:
  • A telephone or Skype consultation to discuss your needs prior to the intensive
  • A full in house assessment of your current condition and your prior medical and movement history
  • 3 therapists hours of treatment daily split into two or three sessions, treatments are spread across 5 days and two therapists
  • At least one 2 therapist treatment during your week
  • Self treatment care, a 30 minute session towards the end of the week where we talk you through the exercises. This is also filmed so that the you have lifetime access to it. We also write a 'prescription' of the exercises and offer you a 20 minute Skype call to check in and ensure you are fully happy with the exercises
  • 30 minute Skype check in call one week post intensive to answer any questions and give guidance
  • A free self treatment kit
  • Bonus gift of beautiful self care goodies to be received prior to your intensive
  • Further gift of self care goodies on your return home. 

Extra hours of MFR can be added during the week as availability allows.
Holistic massage treatments are also available during your time with us.

Multi-therapist treatments are counted as treatment time x number of therapists. Eg a 1 hour treatment with 2 therapists = 2 hours of treatment time.

We also offer the Intensively Therapist week. We honour and value our fellow therapists. Therapists provide transformative touch, their work creates positive ripples of change, not just in the lives of their clients but in the lives of the surrounding community.

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