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how to find ThriveSheffield

Carrie Ekins (Landells)


Cowlishaw Works,
Corner of Sharrow Vale Road
and Cowlishaw Road,
South Yorkshire,
S11 8XD, UK

It's morning, the alarm wakes you up, do you jump out of bed easily and shimmy your way across the bedroom, or do you feel like things are creaky, that you're tight and tired and it never quite goes away?

Are you struggling with the same recurrent aches and niggles over and over? Another yoga class missed or five a side game cancelled because of that blooming hamstring/low back thing/ cricky neck pain?

Do you feel like there are still issues left unresolved from an injury you got many moons ago?

Every now and again, do you catch sight of yourself and start to wonder whether this is 'The Start' - the inevitable slide towards Old Age, Middle Age or *shock horror* your Thirties!?!?

We've all been there, we resolve to feel better and move better. We hit the gym, or whack a fitness dvd on, and invest in sparkly clean trainers and resolve that the dog is going to get walked for at least an hour a day. But somewhere, in the back of your head, for all the effort you're putting in, you kind of feel as though nothing is changing. That it's not working and truth be told, you're aching and in discomfort still. You're not even sure if you're using the right muscles...sometimes you're not even sure if you still have muscles!

There's a very good chance, that you haven't even got that far. That grouchy pain, resistant to pills and exercise, grumbles along. You'd love to be able to hit the gym, hike the hills and go sailing, climbing or dancing. But it hurts, and you're tired, and to honest...that sofa, and a box set is starting to look really tempting.

Would you like some support?

If you've found that you've tried numerous therapists and treatments, that you're not sticking with it, or feel it's not working. That once you step out of the treatment room, that helps stops and no one has really taken the time to talk you through what you could be doing at home. Maybe it's time to try again? Maybe this time, it's time to truly give yourself a break and commit to helping your body to heal, to help your goal of moving better and feeling better become a reality.

And I'm not saying this because 'you're not getting any younger'. I'm saying this because, I don't believe it's true. I don't believe that hand on heart things have to go inevitably downhill. Maybe you just need some assistance to get your brain and your muscles really connecting again. Maybe you need someone to help you feel into the aches and restrictions and give them permission to soften.

Could it really be that simple? YES!

If you want to try something stealthier, more playful and engaging your curiosity, then
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Based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK, Thrive Clinic and Studio is a centre of excellence for pain release relating to fascial (connective tissue) restriction, jaw and neck pain, lower back pain, hip, knee and ankle dysfunction.

Myofascial Release and the 'Be Activated' system of muscle activation are the specialisms of Thrive Clinic, along with deep tissue massage, sports massage, Swedish massage and hot stone massage techniques.

Thrive Clinic and Studio's role is to help you move better and feel better and experience a lift in your daily quality of life through assessment, guidance, supportive listening, excellence in bodywork and self-treatment and movement homework and exercises.
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